Collection: Orangestuff Brake Pads

When you buy new brakes, you expect three basic things from innovative brake technology:

  1. Better stopping power.
  2. Longer life.
  3. Zero noise.

That's just the beginning of why EBC Orangestuff Extra-Duty light truck and SUV brake pads have taken the industry by storm. The backing plate steels feature NUCAP NRS system hook technology for five times the bond strength of conventional pads; while the fade-free material itself performs in both frigid winters and in temperatures exceeding 750 degrees Celcius, well above the maximum experienced in heavy braking, towing, or downhill descents. The new carbon granule-based extra-duty material is rotor-friendly, minimal in dust, and noiseless. These pads are AMECA-tested and GG-rated as "highest in friction," and yet have good manners for street use and they attain longer wear life than any pad EBC has produced in its storied history. 

  • Highest performing race bred compound with zero brake fade up to temperatures exceeding 750 C0 (1400 F0)
  • Works best on heavy, high powered vehicles where maximum braking performance is necessary
  • Decent cold bite makes these pads acceptable for street driving, but brakes become increasingly positive as temperatures rise a little
  • Low metal content makes pads easy on rotors, resulting is less frequent changing of brake rotors
  • Surface scorched to eliminate ‘green fade’ and reduce bed-in time
  • Developed for track use